Truesdell Corporation

Excellence in Concrete Repair

Based on the undeniable certainties of “death, taxes and concrete cracks” Truesdell Corporation has been improving and maintaining America’s infrastructure since 1975. Quality repairs and an impeccable reputation have led the company to become the leader in the concrete repair industry.

The Truesdell team’s singular focus on the core mission and values of Truesdell permeates every project they undertake. Truesdell has been described as an innovative and growing firm where tackling the “tough jobs” is commonplace.

Truesdell Corporation’s services have grown to include structural concrete bonding, structural and cosmetic patching, external reinforcement with steel and FRPs, wet and dry shotcrete repairs, and more. While the business model continues to evolve the company has remained focused on niche concrete repair and stayed true to the Mission and Core Values that ensure the best quality and service in the industry.

Truesdell Corporation

1310 W. 23rd Street

Tempe, Arizona 85282